Published on 10/12/2017 11:01 am
Have a rich couture with Banarasi silk

Silk gives an essence of royalty and culture when teamed with perfect jewelry and other accessories. Amongst all the types of silk, Banarasi silk is one of the finest pieces of fabric which makes you feel and look rich.

You can get Banarasi silk sarees online but, while checking out the sarees; keep in mind the following points:

1. While doing Banarasi saree online shopping keep in mind that there are four varieties- Katan, organza, Shattir and georgette. 

2. Each of the saree can be picked up by specifying the work you need on them like Tanchoi, butidar, tissue, Jangla and cut work. Each of them is unique in its own style and is available under the category of Banarasi silk sarees online

3. Katan type is plain silk fabric woven with finest silk threads and comes with motifs and patterns to enhance the look of the saree. 

4. After Katan it is the Organza type which is looked and bought under the category Banarasi saree price. The zari and silk together with Kora give the saree a completely different look and hence, becomes the attire for any party. 

5. The tissue Banarasi silk has a very different texture and it remains stiff giving a very crisp look when worn. It is little translucent but comes with various patterns or zari work in pallu. If you are wearing a plain tissue saree then it is always better to have a blouse which is showy or with lots of work to get the contrasting look.

6. There are many online shopping sites which claim to give you the finest silk fabric but, it is always better to check the entire product details before putting them in your cart. Also, compare the Banarasi saree price in various online sites to get the best deal.

It is very much necessary to support the attire with perfect jewelry and accessories to enhance the elegant look and be ready for any occasion. A lot of heavy jewelry is something which has to be avoided as the saree already has a lot of sheen. Simple gold jewelry or the danglers do the trick. Make sure to carry a clutch which matches or is in contrast with the saree to make the most fashionable statement in the party.

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